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Tooth loss causes many significant issues that affect every aspect of your life. Replacing those missing teeth is essential for restoring proper functioning of your mouth, your smile, and your quality of life. Today, you have several options available for tooth replacement. Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend - Thomas E. Wold, DMD can replace your missing teeth with Dental Implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a treatment used to replace missing teeth. This incredible treatment provides you with a unique alternative to bridges and dentures. Where traditional restorations sit above the gum line, dental implants use small titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone.
This requires a surgical procedure. Small incisions in your gums provide access to your jawbone.

Holes are drilled into the bone, and the posts are placed directly inside. As you heal from surgery, your bone fuses to the posts in a natural process called osseointegration. This process stabilizes the posts, turning them into secure roots that are then able to provide support for your replacement teeth. Your replacement teeth, or ceramic crowns, are typically secured into place on the posts using small screws.

Tooth Replacement for Many Needs

Dental implants are incredibly versatile. Today, we provide many different types of implants to meet many different needs.

•  Single tooth. This type of implant uses a single post and a single crown to replace an individual tooth. You may have more than one single tooth implant in your mouth, either replacing single teeth in different areas of your mouth or replacing individual teeth right next to one another.

•  Multiple teeth. A multiple teeth implant is often used to replace two or more consecutive missing teeth. It is also commonly called an implant supported bridge.

•  Full arch restorations. A full arch restoration is used to replace an entire arch of teeth. Typically, this restoration uses 6 to 8 posts to support your new teeth. It is also called an implant supported denture.

•  All on 4. All on 4 is a type of full arch restoration that is used when your jaw does not have enough bone mass to support the typical number of implants required for this type of treatment. It uses only four posts to support your new teeth, and these posts are placed strategically to maximize contact between them and your jaw, allowing you to avoid the need for a bone graft.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits that come with dental implants. These benefits include:

•  A completely natural appearance.
•  Functioning and feeling just like your real teeth.
•  Your teeth are held securely in place.
•  Comfort. Your teeth are supported by the posts and your jawbone, rather than your gums or adjacent teeth.
•  Easy care. Implants can be brushed and flossed just like real teeth.
•  Providing a long-term solution. Dental implants restore stimulation to your jawbone, which aids in stopping, and preventing, bone loss. Not only does your jawbone remain strong and healthy, but there is also no need to replace your restorations periodically.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Despite having many incredible benefits, dental implants do have a few drawbacks. These include:

•  The need for surgery. To undergo surgery, you need to be in good overall health.
•  A recovery period that can last several weeks to several months.
•  The possible need for a bone graft if your jawbone is too weak.
•  Cost. Implants are typically more expensive than traditional treatments.

Dental implants provide you with a modern solution to tooth loss that provides you with many significant benefits. For more information about dental implants, and to find out if you are a candidate, call Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend - Thomas E. Wold, DMD at (541) 389-0261 to schedule your consultation today.

For more information, check out our Dental Implant FAQ!
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What are Dental Implants? • Bend OR • Aesthetic Dentistry
Dental implants are a treatment used to replace missing teeth. This incredible treatment provides you with a unique alternative to bridges and dentures.
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