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Dental Crowns by dentist in Bend, OR.
Your teeth are incredibly strong. They see a significant amount of use every day. While they are the hardest substance in your body, they can still be faced with serious issues such as physical damage and decay. These issues can significantly compromise your teeth, leaving them susceptible to serious complications. Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend - Thomas E. Wold, DMD can provide treatment with crowns.

What is a Crown?

Tooth damage, no matter how minor it seems at the time, should be examined right away. Cracks, chips, and decay in the teeth can worsen over time. When this happens, the strength of the tooth is compromised, leaving it susceptible to larger cracks, splitting, or shattering. Your teeth are also placed at risk for developing dangerous infections.

A crown is a dental restoration used to treat a damaged tooth. It resembles a cap in appearance, matching the size and shape of the tooth it is designed to protect. It is made to encase the entire visible surface of the affected tooth, both providing protection and restoring strength.

Materials for Dental Crowns

There are several different types of crowns available. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks. Common crown materials include:
•  Metal. Metal crowns provide you with the greatest strength. Metal crowns are practically indestructible and can last 50 years or longer. They require the least amount of enamel removal. However, they are gold or silver in color, an attribute that makes them highly visible.
•  Porcelain fused to metal. PFM crowns have a metal base that surrounds your tooth, providing it with the same protection as a regular metal crown. These crowns have a porcelain coating as well, which provides a more aesthetic restoration. In some cases, however, the metal can be seen through the porcelain, giving their location away.
•  Ceramic. Ceramic crowns are the most aesthetic option, made entirely from ceramic. This material is stained to perfectly match the color of your adjacent teeth. It also mimics the way in which enamel reflects light, providing you with a completely natural restoration.

Placing Your Crown

Placing a crown requires two appointments. During the first appointment, we prepare the tooth for the crown. This process, done under a local anesthetic, involves removing a portion of your tooth enamel so your crown will fit perfectly into place. After the tooth has been prepared, an impression is taken. This impression is sent to our dental lab and is used to custom create your crown. It can take up to two weeks for your crown to be completed, so a temporary restoration is placed to provide protection. Once the crown has been completed, you return for your second appointment. During this visit, your temporary crown is removed, and your final crown is checked to ensure a proper fit and a comfortable bite. If everything looks and feels good, the crown is bonded into place.

What Benefits Does a Crown Provide?

A crown provides many benefits, including:
•  Protecting your tooth from further damage.
•  Preventing a tooth infection.
•  Restoring strength so your tooth can continue to function normally.
•  Preventing a tooth extraction.
•  Protecting a root canal.

If you have suffered tooth damage, a crown can help to protect the tooth, preventing serious harm, and restore its strength. For more information, and to schedule your appointment, call Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend - Thomas E. Wold, DMD today at (541) 389-0261.
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