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A woman smiling after receiving dental bonding at Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend in Bend, ORThe procedure of bonding is when a tooth-colored composite resin (plastic) is applied to fix a tooth that has suffered from decay, fracture, or discoloring. This helps your tooth appear longer and serves as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings. If you have a tooth that fits one of these descriptions and are considering making an appointment to discuss bonding options, call Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend today at (541) 389-0261.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bonding?

Bonding is one of the most effortless and affordable cosmetic dental procedures. The composite resin used for bonding can be modeled and colored to match your natural teeth accurately. Bonding is regularly utilized to improve the look of stained or chipped teeth, in addition to closing gaps between teeth. It can also be a preferable cosmetic alternative to fillings as well as being used to protect a portion of your tooth’s root that has been exposed due to gum recession.

How Do I Take Care of My Dental Bonding?

Tea, coffee, tobacco, and cigarette smoke among other substances can stain the resin utilized in dental bonding. To avoid or at least reduce discoloration, talk to Thomas E. Wold, DMD about what to eat or drink during the first 48 hours after the composite procedure is completed. Of course, you should also brush your teeth and visit us for regular cleaning every six months.

How is Dental Bonding Done?

After making an appointment to discuss your treatment options, Thomas E. Wold, DMD will help you select the appropriate composite resin color to match the color of your natural teeth as closely as possible (This is commonly done with a shade guide). Once your color is decided, Thomas E. Wold, DMD will carefully etch off a little of your tooth’s surface to roughen it before coating it lightly with a conditioning fluid. This helps the adhesive bonding material to stay attached. Anesthesia is usually not needed unless the procedure’s purpose is to fill a tooth that has been decayed.

After preparations are made, the tooth-colored putty-like resin is applied, molded, and smoothed over time into its proper shape. Thomas E. Wold, DMD will then harden the material with an ultraviolet light or laser. Once hardening is complete, it will be trimmed, shaped, and polished until it matches with the rest of your tooth’s surface. The amount of time to finish the procedure varies from patient to patient, but it typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour. However, if you’re having multiple teeth done, it may take additional visits to complete them all.

Are There Risks to Dental Bonding?

Unfortunately, in every dental procedure (even the best of the best), there is always risk involved to some extent. We’ll go over the potential drawbacks below:

•  The composite resin utilized in dental bonding doesn’t have nearly as much strength as your natural teeth. You should avoid habits like biting or chewing on tougher objects (ice, pens & pencils, nails, etc), as this can chip the material.

•  Bonding typically lasts many years before you’ll have to come in for repairs, but exactly how long depends on how thorough the procedure was as well as your dental habits.

Remember, for any further information on dental bonding or to make an appointment with Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend to discuss your options, call (541) 389-0261.
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