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Pros and Cons to Glass Fillings
Posted on 8/20/2019 by Thomas Wold, DMD
Fillings are used to fix the cavities that form in teeth. While it is common for a person to require a filling. The type of filing we use will vary from one person to the next. There are several types of fillings that include silver amalgam, gold, composite resin and glass. There are pros and cons to all these types of fillings. When it comes to glass fillings learning the pros and cons can help you understand when it is the right choice for your filling. Pros of Glass FillingsGlass fillings are typically used in pediatric dentistry. The pros of the glass fillings make them better for children. Glass fillings provide a natural looking filling. It is possible to tint the glass filling material to match the color of the natural teeth. They are also less transparent than other filling materials which helps them look more natural. Glass teeth are also made of a malleable material. This allows for placement of the filling with less shaving of the natural teeth. This allows the child to keep more of their natural tooth intact. Glass fillings can also help prevent additional tooth decay. The chemical makeup of the glass fillings naturally emits a low level of fluoride. Fluoride is a good way to protect the teeth from decay. Cons of Glass FillingsOne of the reasons that glass fillings are a better option for children is because they don't last as long as other materials. The material used for glass fillings will degrade naturally. This can lead to cracks and other issues with the filling. Glass fillings are also susceptible to damage from bite force more than other fillings. The cons of glass fillings make them better for children and the baby teeth than it does for adult teeth because baby teeth will eventually fall out anyway. The ease with which glass fillings are put in place makes them better for children that may not enjoy the idea of getting any type of filling. Want to know more or schedule an appointment? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!...

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