My Gums Hurt Every time I Brush My Teeth, What Should I Do?

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Thomas Wold, DMD
My Gums Hurt Every time I Brush My Teeth, What Should I Do?If you have swollen, red or irritating gums then this means that you have gum disease, canker sores, poor brushing techniques, and poor oral health. Our dental team will guide you on what to do when you have to hurt your gums when you brush your teeth.

Regular dental checkups

If you have gums that bleed or hurt, then do not hesitate to see a dental professional. The dentist will make sure that they conduct checkups to see if any oral health issues are coming up. The dentist can detect gingivitis before it develops and becomes a more severe gum disease. By visiting the dentist regularly will also help in preventing more problems for the dentist will clean your teeth and remove the plaque and tartar that may have accumulated in between the teeth, the dentist will ensure that they will do cleanings and leave you smiling and shining.

Maintain oral hygiene

If you have poor oral hygiene this may mean that you are not brushing or flossing the teeth as supposed. Brushing is important for it helps in removing the food particles that are stuck in the mouth. The food particles can cause so much damage when they combine with mouth bacteria for they accumulate and stick on teeth forming plaque. When plaque combines with bacteria in the mouth it forms an acid that erodes the teeth enamel. This erosion leads to tooth decay and can cause cavities and finally tooth loss. Our dental team is ready to offer you proper cleanings and ensure that we prevent gingivitis or any oral issue.
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