Sedation Dentistry

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Thomas Wold, DMD
Sedation Dentistry
The use of sedation dentistry during a dental procedure is sedation dentistry. You will be relaxing when the dentist is working on your teeth. Sedation dentistry makes you reduce anxiety and fear. The procedure administration is while you are asleep and will only wake up after the dentist finishes. The sedation procedure can use increments and the professional dentist will monitor you during the process. It is good for a dentist to know the sedation method fit for you.

Is sedation Dentistry Safe

A dentist will examine you before performing any procedure on you. The professional will review your medical history and will monitor you while you are in sedation. The procedure is safe and there is no discomfort during treatment. In case of pain or anxiety ensure that you notify the dental surgeon for immediate adjustments.

Oral Sedation Safe

Oral sedation is the use of medicine taken via the mouth and is like diazepam. You swallow the pills an hour before the procedure. Sedation pills make you sleepy and less anxious, you can still communicate with the dentist in this state.

Intravenous sedation

IV sedation is the use of drugs put into the patients at varying stages of the procedure. The use of general anesthesia is part of IV sedation and induces sleep in the patient until the effects are over. This type of sedation is when a patient is undergoing extensive and complicated procedures. Such procedures include having dental implants, bone grafting, or even multiple extractions. Sedation depends on the type of dental procedure you are going through. The sedation period depends on the type of sedation in use by the dentist. A professional will determine what sedation option is good for you.

If you want to have a dental procedure talk to the dentist about the best treatment for you as well as the sedation option they will use on you. Visit us to have a conversation with the dentist on the best sedation type.
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