How Germs Spread Around Your Toothbrush

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Thomas Wold, DMD
How Germs Spread Around Your ToothbrushJust the thought of germs spreading around your toothbrush causes many people to involuntarily grab for the nearest hand sanitizer. Most of us envision germs as small yet dangerous organisms. Germs are microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that can cause infections and sickness. Washing your hands has been the best home remedy to abate germs for years. However, germs can also lurk on our toothbrushes, but how do they spread?

If Our Toothbrushes Could Talk

Most germs spread through the air. Every time somebody sneezes, or coughs, germs are spread. In fact, you can even spread germs by just breathing. Germs can also spread in liquids like sweat, saliva, and blood. If you shake hands with someone who has a cold and touch your mouth, you have successfully spread germs.

If our toothbrushes could talk, they could give us the real story of how germs spread. Social distancing is not just for people but for toothbrushes as well. Keep your toothbrush by itself if you are experiencing it cold or have a sickness, and replace your toothbrush when you feel better. You could even put your toothbrush in a cup outside of the bathroom for temporary storage while you are sick. Avoid side by side storage as this is how germs spread among toothbrushes. Wipe the handle of your toothbrush with a safe disinfectant after use. Don't touch the tip of the toothpaste tube directly onto your toothbrush, and never share a toothbrush!

We Want to Help

Spreading germs is no joke. Take precautions to take care of your toothbrush, so you don't unnecessarily spread germs in the bathroom. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your next routine cleaning and dental exam, give our friendly office staff a call today.
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