How to Maintain Bruxism

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Thomas Wold, DMD
How to Maintain BruxismGrinding and clenching your teeth is a dental problem called bruxism. Over time, the constant beating your teeth receive wears them down. It's a common problem that can occur at any age. It's an unconscious habit, which most people don't even realize they have. While there's no treatment to get rid of it completely, you can take preventative measures to reduce its side effects.

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend, Thomas E. Wold, DMD and have been recommending patients to do bruxism exercises to find relief from its symptoms. Before we begin, let's take a look at how bruxism affects your teeth:

Symptoms of Bruxism

People with bruxism suffer from what feels like never-ending headaches. This dental problem's symptoms are accompanied by numerous oral signs like fractured teeth, the recession of gums, abnormal tooth wear, and gum inflammation. Following are the most common symptoms of bruxism:

•  Discomfort in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
•  Loose or chipped teeth.
•  Increased tooth sensitivity because of diminished tooth enamel.
•  Headaches that start at the temples.
•  Right muscles around the jaw.
•  Increased tooth sensitivity.

Exercises to Maintain Bruxism

•  Practice Meditation Before Going to Bed: Stress and anxiety are the two major causes of bruxism. Before going to bed, get relaxed by listening to calming music or reading your favorite book.
•  Jaw Stretching Exercises: Loosen your jaw muscles by working them up and down. Open your jaw and close it gently without putting any pressure on your teeth. Do this every time anxiety takes control of you.
•  Focus on Relaxation: If you are not standing or sitting comfortably, change your position. Find someplace neutral to relax and take deep breaths to stop your jaw from clenching.

If you still catch yourself grinding your teeth at night, sleep with a nightguard. For professional help visit Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend. Schedule an appointment today with Thomas E. Wold, DMD or by calling at (541) 389-0261.
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