Do You Take the Time to Protect Your Teeth from Bruxism?

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Thomas Wold, DMD
Do You Take the Time to Protect Your Teeth from Bruxism?Bruxism involves grinding your teeth while you sleep. This can greatly damage your teeth, but unfortunately, since you do it while you sleep, you may not even realize that it is happening. We often see signs of bruxism during six-month checkups, and if we notice that it appears that you are grinding your teeth, there are some things you can do to protect them.

Wear a Mouth Guard

If we do see signs of grinding, we may have you get a mouth guard. These guards are plastic covers for your teeth that prevent them from griding together. They are actually quite comfortable to wear, and once you get used to wearing a guard, you likely will not even notice it. If you cannot get your bruxism under control or find that it recurs often, a mouth guard may be the best protection method.

Get Better Sleep

Another way of reducing the amount of damage to your teeth is to get better sleep. By avoiding caffeine and alcohol in the evening, your brain will not be as stimulated when you go to bed. Putting on a white noise can also help you rest better. If your brain is over-stimulated, it can affect how much you grind your teeth.

Check Other Causes

While stress is one of the biggest causes of bruxism, it is not the only one. Certain medications, including those for depression, can cause bruxism. Ear infections can also cause you to clench and grind your teeth to help release pressure on the inner ear. If you cannot get relief by relaxing or getting a handle on stress, look into these other causes.

These are just a few ways you can help protect your teeth from bruxism. If you need more help, we are happy to talk to you about bruxism and what you can do to control it.
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