The Oral Dangers of Children Not Drinking Enough Water

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Thomas Wold, DMD
The Oral Dangers of Children Not Drinking Enough WaterNot only is water essential for human life, it is important for oral health. It is especially critical for children's oral health. Not only is water a better choice for teeth than sugary beverages, it can lead to an overall healthier mouth.

Water and Oral Health

Community tap water is treated with fluoride, a substance that strengthens tooth enamel. Naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth can weaken this enamel and lead to tooth decay and cavities. Extra fluoride protects your child's teeth from this decay by strengthening them and even repairing damage that has already happened.

Water helps to keep the mouth clean by washing away food particles and residue that some bacteria love to latch on to, especially if there is sugar lingering in your mouth. This goes for natural sugars too, such as those found in healthy fruits. So even if your child has a healthy diet free of refined or artificial sugar, they are likely still consuming it in some form. Once bacteria begin to feed on residue, more acid is produced in the mouth which can erode tooth enamel. Once more, it's water to the rescue as it can dilute this harmful acid.

Dry mouth is not a fun condition plus saliva performs a very important role. It is the first line of defense against tooth decay plus it strengthens teeth with essential minerals. Water hydrates our bodies so it can help prevent dry mouth in your child. Not only does this provide more comfort talking, chewing, and swallowing, but the water helps to produce healthy saliva levels.

No Substitutes

Though water can help to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay, it is no substitute for brushing and flossing twice a day. It is, however, an optimal beverage for overall health benefits. With no sugar, calories, sugar, or sodium, water is something you definitely want your kids to drink. Just tell them it washes away nasties and you might be surprised how eager they are to ask for it without any prompting. Find out more dangers by contacting us today.
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