Migraines and Oral Health Have a Connection

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Thomas Wold, DMD
Migraines and Oral Health Have a Connection
Do you suffer from splitting migraine headaches? If so, those headaches may have a dental connection. If so, you need to have your teeth examined by our office. Diagnosing the reason for your migraines will help you treat them successfully. Don't keep suffering if you can avoid it. Read the following information to learn how migraines can be connected to your dental health.

Is Tooth Pain Causing a Migraine?

One way a migraine can be linked to your dental health is by way of the trigeminal nerve. This nerve is the fifth nerve of 12 nerves in the cranium. The trigeminal nerve is important, as it supplies the sensations in most of the face, including the teeth, gums, and upper and lower lips. Besides tooth pain, advanced gum disease or severe tooth decay can also lead to referred pain. Referred pain means that you feel pain in a part of the body that is separate from the pain source. Once more, this is usually due to the nerves connected to the trigeminal nerves. Many times, our patients will see a doctor about tension migraines when they are actually experiencing a dental issue.

A Sinus Infection Can Also Cause a Migraine

Besides feeling pain from the trigeminal nerve, you can also experience migraine pain from a sinus infection or from temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. TMJ refers to a problem with a joint in the jaw that is situated in front of the ear. Besides tooth and jaw pain, TMJ causes pain in the temple or neck. Migraines frequently result from moving the jaw – either open and closing the mouth or from chewing.
Do you believe the migraines you experience may be dentally connected? If so, give us a call and have your jaw or headache problem diagnosed. Whether you have TMJ or trigeminal neuralgia, we can ascertain the reason for your ongoing headaches. Give us a call now and schedule a checkup and an exam.
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