Why Does Orange Lipstick Make Teeth Appear Yellow?

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Thomas Wold, DMD
Why Does Orange Lipstick Make Teeth Appear Yellow?Most types of fashion accessories are meant to accent certain features and areas of the body in which they are worn or applied. We are all familiar with how vertical stripes can make a person appear taller, while horizontal stripes can give them a shorter, more rounded appearance.

In the case of makeup, eyeliners and eye shadows are meant to bring out the color in one's eyes. When discussing the visual effects of lipstick specifically, while the goal is usually to bring a fullness to the lips, as well as to sometimes accessorize with another color or shade being worn, it can also have another unintentional effect, it can unflatteringly change the appearance of your smile.

Yellow Undertones Bring Out Yellow Hues

Shades which have a distinctive yellow undertone such as orange and certain types of soft red, tend to give a yellowish impression to the entire surrounding region. In the case of your teeth, this is certainly no appearance that anyone intentionally tries to give off. But the fact is that no matter how sparkling your pearly whites might be, colors like orange and those similar to it will generally give a false yellow look to your teeth.

Shades to Highlight the White

Alternatively, there are certain colors that have the opposite effect and can make even slightly dull smiles appear modestly more vibrant. These include bold reds, soft pinks, and fruity colors such as berries.

And despite all of this, sometimes people are actually just in need of a cleaning or professional whitening service. To learn more about how our dental experts can assist you, just give our office a call or stop by when you get the chance. We are ready and waiting to assist you in any way possible.
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