What Happens if You Forget to Floss Each Day?

Posted on 2/20/2020 by Thomas Wold, DMD
What Happens if You Forget to Floss Each Day?We all hear it every time we go in for a checkup or dental visit of any kind – “don't forget to floss”. But for many of us, we simply treat this as a loose suggestion rather than the critical aspect of oral care that it really is.

But in all likelihood, the main reason that most people fail to realize the importance of daily flossing is because they don't understand what it is that flossing actually does and the many benefits it has on overall oral health. Here are two of the most beneficial aspects of regular flossing.

Gum Irritation and Inflammation

When food particles get left behind, they cause gum irritation, which leads to inflammation, sensitivity, and swelling. Many folks think that rinsing and brushing is enough, but this is not the case at all. Brushing fails to actually get in between teeth, while simply swishing water or mouthwash around doesn't produce enough pressure to blast the food remnants out from between the teeth and away from the gums.

Advancement of Gum Disease and Decay

As the gums continue on to the point of infection due to the lack of flossing, the problem then becomes much more serious. Bleeding gums follow, as does more severe swelling. As the bacteria continue to fester and grow, so does the risk of gum disease. While catching in the early stages can allow it to be reversed, if it progresses to the point of advanced gum disease, it can lead to major issues such as loss of bone density and teeth.

To get a better understanding of how critical it is to make flossing a regular aspect of you and your family's oral care routine, as well as to learn how to do it properly, give us a call or come by and visit our office in person at your earliest convenience.
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