What to Do if You Notice Drinking Cold Beverages Hurts Your Teeth

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Thomas Wold, DMD
What to Do if You Notice Drinking Cold Beverages Hurts Your TeethWe all love a cold beverage on a hot summer day. However, many of us have to experience pain when drinking cold drinks. Cold drinks, as well as hot drinks, can cause tooth pain unexpectedly. It's never fun to have pain while trying to enjoy yourself, but pain while drinking hot or cold drinks is a sign of sensitive teeth.

The most common reason people experience sensitive teeth is because of enamel wear. Enamel is the strong material on the outside of our teeth that protects the sensitive nerves inside the teeth.

It's not only important to take care of your teeth's enamel because it protects them, but also, it's important because it can't regrow. It may seem strange, but our bodies lack the ability to form new enamel after it's gone.

Once the enamel of our teeth wears away, it exposes the softer material underneath it called dentin. Unlike enamel, dentin is porous and very small amounts of liquid can pass through it. Normally, liquids that are room temp don't cause the nerves beneath the dentin to activate. When a liquid is cold or hot, however, it causes the nerves to signal pain. This is the cause of sensitive teeth pain.

How to Stop Sensitive Teeth

There are various ways to help stop pain from sensitive teeth such as specialized toothpastes and mouthwashes. However, most of these products cover up the root of the problem. Enamel wear can lead to premature tooth decay, and you need to watch over your enamel carefully. It's also worth noting that sensitive teeth can be cause by exposed roots, which can lead to all sorts of dental problems.

If you're experiencing sensitive teeth, our office is here to help you. We have treated many patients with sensitive teeth, and we would like to help you. Please call our office for information on how we can help solve your sensitive teeth problems.
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