Hydrating Your Mouth is important When You Struggle with Dry Mouth

Posted on 12/20/2019 by Thomas Wold, DMD
Hydrating Your Mouth is important When You Struggle with Dry MouthDry mouth does not have to be a part of your day to day life. While more than 30 percent of seniors suffer from dry mouth, dry mouth is often a symptom of an underlying medical condition or the side effect of a medicinal drug. Understanding the impact and causes of dry mouth is quite remarkable.

Causes of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth occurs when the salivary glands do not make more than enough saliva to keep the mouth wet. The salivary glands may not function properly due to:

Several medications, including over the counter drugs, tend to produce dry mouth as one of their side effects. The drug types that are most likely to cause these side-effects to include medication used to treat depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Other drugs include antihistamines, muscle relaxants, pain medication, and decongestants.

Treating Dry Mouth

To improve dental health and eliminate dry mouth, there are several things that a person can do. That said, here are other things that you can do at home to get rid of dry mouth:

Staying hydrated throughout the day will help improve the production of saliva in your mouth. Thus, you should drink lots of water after meals and avoid meals that stick to your teeth such as candy, crackers, and raisins.

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