How Mouth Guards Can Help Keep Teeth from Cracking

Posted on 9/25/2019 by Thomas Wold, DMD
How Mouth Guards Can Help Keep Teeth from CrackingWhat do you think of when you think of “mouth guards”? For some, the image conjured is that of a boxer in a ring—someone in extreme danger of sustaining an injury to the mouth, and teeth.

And, of course, anyone who engages in contact sports should always be wearing a mouth guard. Mouth guards are also recommended for athletes of any sport! But mouth guards aren't only for athletes; mouth guards can be an important part of everyone's oral safety plan.

Why Should I Use a Mouth Guard?

Many children and adults suffer from a condition called “bruxism”, or, “the grinding of teeth”. This grinding often happens at night, when completely unconscious. Over time, bruxism can result in the wearing of enamel. These weakened teeth are far more susceptible to the force exerted on the teeth by the jaw muscles when grinding.

The jaw is surprisingly strong (an average of 171 lbs of bite force for the molars!) and can cause serious damage to weak teeth. A mouth guard absorbs some of this force and stops the surfaces of the teeth from directly making contact with each other. If you find that you grind your teeth at night, or during the day, a mouth guard can help prevent wear and tear to the teeth. In the long run, this will prevent cracking, chipping, and even tooth decay!

What Kind of Mouth Guard Should I Wear?

Refer back to the image of the boxer, and the slick, straight, white mouth guard they are probably wearing. These are called “stock mouth protectors” and are not recommended for everyday use. The best mouth guard to protect your teeth from cracking is a custom fit mouth guard, made by our dentists.

These mouth guards will fit perfectly to your bite, providing seamless protection for day or night use. Getting a custom-made mouth guard is easy, and an important part of your long-term dental care. Just call us for an appointment, today!
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