Preventing Facial Injuries During Sports

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Thomas Wold, DMD
Preventing Facial Injuries During SportsThe best course of action is prevention. It is not necessary to compete at the professional level to suffer a significant blow to the head. Due to recent technological advancements, protective gear, including helmets, mouth guards, and face guards, are now more comfortable to wear and more effective in shielding the sensitive maxillofacial region from injury.

Ensure that your family has enough protection at all times. Include the following protective gear as part of your regular sporting equipment if you participate in the sport.

How To Prevent Facial Injuries During Different Sports

Children and adults who participate in sports should always wear protective gear such as mouthguards, face masks, goggles, and helmets. Even though a mouth guard is not required for many activities, it is still one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to protect yourself against a dental injury that might be expensive. Talk to your dentist about being fitted for a mouth guard made just for you. In addition, ensuring that the equipment you are using is the correct fit for you and is in excellent operating condition is just as crucial as wearing it. Athletes who use face protection might still suffer injuries if the gear is too large or worn down from repeated use.

In contrast to the design of a football helmet, which is intended to withstand many knocks, a bike helmet should be thrown away as soon as it receives its first hit. Mouthguards are another item that may be worn down via regular use. Maintain vigilance over the degree to which your equipment is being worn down.

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