What Exactly is Nitrous Oxide?

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Thomas Wold, DMD
What Exactly is Nitrous Oxide?Most people know Nitrous Oxide from movies which is usually referenced as Laughing Gas. Dentists use this technique of sedation to help relax the patients and prevent any pain they might have during a procedure. If you have seen any movies where Nitrous Oxide is administered, you would see that it is administered through a mask placed over your nose and mouth. You cannot see or tasted Nitrous Oxide when it is pumped through this device because not only does it not have any odor, but you also cannot taste it as well.

This gas is considered a sedative however, it could be confused that you might go completely under with Nitrous Oxide, however that is not the case. Nitrous Oxide allows the patient to be awake during a procedure. Where is it referred to as a sedative, it is a mild one.

Are there benefits to Nitrous Oxide?

Most patients do not like the thought of going completely under with a sedative. The largest benefit to this sedation method is that it not only relaxes the patient, but it also prevents any pain during procedures all while the patient is awake. Another benefit to this method of sedation is that it can be used as an outpatient sedative. This means that it does wear off while still in the doctor's office, but it still important to have someone with you to drive you home.

Common Uses of Nitrous Oxide

There are a few common procedures that Nitrous Oxide is used for in the dentist office. If a patient has a cavity that may be painful this sedative is utilized. Also, if a patient has a natural anxiety when coming to see us, we might use it to calm and relax the patient. We always want our patients to have a wonderful experience in our offices and this is why we utilize this technique for certain procedures or to relax the patients. If you have more questions about Nitrous Oxide, please reach out to us.
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